The Premier PRP Hair Therapy Dallas Knows and Loves

Over time, human hair begins to thin out and fade in color. This is because the stem cells in our hair follicles become damaged as we age. Therefore, the follicles shrink, causing our hair to become thinner and less abundant on our scalp. A portion of this damage also comes from the depletion of natural bodily proteins like collagen.

The Knox Dermatology team is excited to provide platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, a revolutionary new procedure. This is an incredibly effective treatment with outstanding results for people with patterned hair loss or certain types of alopecia. Safe for both men and women, it uses the naturally derived platelets in your blood to stimulate hair growth. If you’re looking for hair restoration services, Knox Dermatology offers the best PRP hair therapy Dallas has to offer.

The Process

PRP therapy is a three-step procedure that takes approximately three to four months to see noticeable results. Rather than undergoing transplantation surgery to fix your thinning hair, PRP therapy offers patients a series of injectables over the course of a few months. We provide the best PRP hair therapy Dallas knows and loves because we can safely treat both men and women so everyone can improve their overall confidence.

The process of PRP therapy is relatively easy. The first step is to draw blood from a patient’s arm. Blood contains platelets that help repair damaged blood vessels; recent clinical studies have shown that these effectively stimulate hair growth. To separate the platelets from the other blood components, they must be spun rapidly in a centrifuge machine. Once these have been separated, a high concentration of platelets is injected underneath the scalp to stimulate hair regrowth.

Confidence is key, especially when it comes to hair. We are here to assist you if you want to regain confidence and improve your overall appearance. Knox Dermatology offers the PRP hair therapy Dallas desires because we understand the importance of fast and easy results. Our team will work alongside you so we know your long-term goals. Our highly-experienced team will ensure PRP therapy is the right decision for you based on your type of hair loss.

How it Works

Understanding how PRP hair therapy works is crucial if you’re considering this procedure. When you receive injections, a protein is released into the skin, aiding in hair growth. These proteins will cause your blood to clot and encourage cell growth. As a result, many patients will notice fuller, healthier-looking hair over time.

Knox Dermatology provides the PRP hair therapy Dallas wants; we understand the complex nature of the procedure. We will ensure the proper proteins are separated from the blood so you can reach your hair goals. 

Treatment Frequency

Each patient is different, so the number of treatments can change depending on the severity of hair loss. Usually, our team will implant these injections once a month for four months. After that four-month session has been completed, scheduling a follow-up session once every six months will help maintain the results.

Our team provides the best PRP hair therapy Dallas offers because we stand by you throughout the process. We will listen to your concerns throughout the consultations so you can work towards your hair goals. At Knox Dermatology, you’re not just another patient. We want everyone who enters our office to leave with increased confidence and pride in their appearance. 

Why Choose PRP Hair Therapy

There are various ways to combat hair loss, such as hair transplants. While this may seem tempting, PRP Hair Therapy can provide lasting results for those wanting to achieve fuller-looking hair. Hair transplants are often more expensive and time-consuming for patients. Many patients also develop various adverse side effects following a hair transplant procedure. PRP hair therapy is less invasive so you don’t have to hit pause on life.

We at Knox Dermatology provide the PRP hair therapy Dallas finds essential because we understand the importance of achieving lasting results with minimal downtime. We even ensure patients are as comfortable as possible during their procedure. In no time, patients will start seeing results and regain their confidence!

The Best PRP Hair Therapy Dallas Offers

Having thick, healthy hair has always been important throughout human history. It symbolized status and wealth for centuries, representing honor in certain histories, and even safety and freedom in others. It is no wonder why we stress the importance of hair.

If you want a boost in confidence, look no further than the best hair restoration in Dallas! Dr. Wooming and his team of professionals provide the best PRP hair therapy Dallas offers because they are ready to answer any questions to get you feeling like yourself again. Request an appointment today!