PRP Therapy Effectiveness

Are you looking for a more effective method for hair growth? It’s time to give up on relying on hair oils, shampoos, and vitamins to see visible results in your hair. Platelet-rich plasma therapy is an effective and promising treatment that will help you reach your hair goals. Knox Dermatology offers this new, highly-promising treatment through Dr. George Wooming located in Dallas, Texas.

PRP Therapy Effectiveness in Patients

Hair loss and thinning are common problems for both men and women around the world. When undergoing this specific treatment, patients often see results in as little as three to four months. Depending on the level of platelets in your blood, PRP therapy effectiveness might be lower (if platelet levels are low). To maintain results, many patients plan to receive a follow-up injection session once every six months.  This treatment combines PRP with medications or creams that help sustain the improvement.

Why Would I Need PRP Therapy?

This form of treatment can be used for a multitude of conditions many individuals may not think are common. The main reason for this therapy is to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. Although hair loss is a common reason, PRP therapy sometimes is used to treat a range of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions by stimulating the healing process, decreasing pain, and helping with the ability to do everyday activities. A growing number of clinical studies show the effectiveness of PRP in addressing certain types of alopecia, or patterned hair loss as well.

Should I Consider Other Options?

Unlike other therapies, PRP hair restoration therapy can safely be used to treat both men and women. Another option, hair transplants, are surgical procedures and can take time, making everyday tasks difficult. For many patients, PRP is an ideal alternative because it is fast, easy, and less expensive while allowing patients to achieve the same results. Before beginning PRP, it is important to schedule a meeting with your doctor to see if this is the right approach for you. To learn more about PRP therapy effectiveness and if it is right for you, visit our website today!