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Knox Dermatology is located in the Knox District of Dallas, Tx. From our large selection of skin care products, to laser treatments and liposuction, our mission at Knox Dermatology is to take care of your skin. Our physician Dr. George Wooming practices general, or medical dermatology, which includes skin conditions such as rashes, skin cancer, acne and warts; and cosmetic dermatology, which includes treatments such as Botox, fillers and laser hair removal.

At Knox Dermatology, it’s not just about getting our patients in and out the door with the right treatments, but about the relationships we build along the way. We are here to help your skin reach its full potential and to listen to your needs in order to find the right solution for your body. Our patient interactions are an important part of our practice, and you can expect us to spend the time with you to hear your concerns and get to know you. At Knox Dermatology, we hope to make every patient’s treatment experience count, from start to finish.

Our site provides educational information specifically for individuals seeking general and cosmetic dermatology in the Dallas area. Browse our site to learn more information about the various dermatology treatments, cosmetic treatments and skin care products provided to patients by our Dallas TX dermatologist George Wooming, M.D. at Knox Dermatology. Our site also provides links to important websites that offer additional information for dermatology and cosmetic dermatology care in the city of Dallas.

If you are looking for a Dallas TX dermatologist, please contact Knox Dermatology to request an appointment.

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