PRP Therapy: Treating Hair Loss in Dallas

While experiencing hair loss and attempts to regrow hair on the scalp, many patients may be oblivious to the opportunities that come with PRP therapy. Knox Dermatology is one of only few providers of Dallas PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy. This new, highly promising, treatment has proven to show regrowth of hair on the scalp with no more than a series of injections. Additionally, through multiple clinical studies, PRP has shown effectiveness by addressing specific types of alopecia, or patterned hair loss. As seen on Good Morning America, the process is a quite simple procedure.

Undergoing the Procedure

Before the process begins, blood is taken from your arm. This blood contains platelets that help repair blood vessels that are damaged and can help stimulate hair growth. Next, in order to get the platelets in a high concentration, your blood is placed in a machine called a centrifuge that spins rapidly, separating out the platelets from much of the other material that makes up your blood. Finally, the platelet rich plasma is injected underneath your scalp to stimulate the regrowth of your own hair. Prior to the injections, the doctor will apply a numbing solution to the scalp. Injections will be given over four sessions spaced one month apart.

Determining if PRP is Right for you

Despite the simplicity of the procedure, PRP therapy is not for everyone. Dr. Wooming, a Dallas PRP therapy physician, can determine if this therapy is the right approach for you. This approach depends on the type of hair loss a patient is experiencing, as well as your personal hair goals. In contrast of hair transplantation, an expensive and drawn-out process that involves a surgical procedure, this type of therapy is an ideal alternative. Many patients will agree that this Dallas PRP therapy process is fast, easy, and less expensive/extensive than other options for hair regrowth.


Moreover, to maintain results of the procedure, patients must plan to receive a follow-up injection session once every six months or so. To sustain the improvement, patients are also able to combine PRP with medications and creams. Dallas PRP therapy allows patients to see noticeable results within three to four months.  Eliminating thinning hair and bald spots are results many patients get to experience. To see results for yourself, contact us to make an appointment.