Everything You Need to Know About Dallas Chemical Peels From Knox Dermatology

Just hearing the words “chemical” and “peel” can be a little daunting, as their connotations are frightening in some cases. Your Dallas chemical peel experts at Knox Dermatology want to put those fears and suspicions to rest. Here is everything you need to know about Dallas chemical peels.

So, what is a chemical peel anyway?

Chemical peels aim to improve the skin on your face, neck, hands, chest, or back. The application of the chemicals induces an intense exfoliation process, which when completed leads to smoother and less wrinkled skin. As it turns out, there are three kinds of chemical peels: lunchtime/superficial, medium, and deep. The more intense the chemical peel, the better the results, but the recovery time increases as well.

Why get a chemical peel at all?

This treatment is great for all kinds of dermatological issues and conditions:

Acne scars, wrinkled and aging skin, scars, skin damaged by the sun, and more. The acid solution applied to the face strips off the outermost layers of skin, allowing for fresher, stronger layers with fewer imperfections to take their place. Depending on the type of peel, you won’t break the bank or spend a lot of time in recovery. A light or superficial peel only takes twenty minutes, and the light peeling from the exfoliation could last only three days.

Does it hurt?

Because chemical peels involve the application of acid to the face, they do sting just a little bit, but there is in no way a large amount of pain. There may be redness, peeling, and crusting in the days after the peel, but as time passes, those symptoms fade and your skin looks better than ever.

Are there side effects? What happens afterwards?

Superficial peels take up to a week to completely heal, and the redness and peeling you experience will be minimal. To aid the healing process, you will need to apply the appropriate skin cream or lotion, and use sunscreen every day.

The medium peel healing process lasts a bit longer, but the results are worth the wait. Peeling can be expected to halt after two weeks, and during that time, you must soak the skin daily, apply lotion, and avoid direct contact with the sun.

The deep peels require the longest recovery, but have the most lasting effects. The treated area will be bandaged, and may take up to three weeks to fully heal. The skin must be soaked multiple times per day, and a heavy moisturizer needs be applied daily. To ensure the healthiest recovery, avoid exposure of the treated area to the sun for up to three months.

Should I contact Knox Dermatology for more information?

Yes! Never hesitate to contact us for more information about Dallas chemical peels, or any other service we offer. We are here for you.