Tips For Successful Tattoo Removal

Thinking about removing your tattoo? 

The process of removing a tattoo is tricky and must be done by a dermatologist for the best and most effective outcome. In the past tattoo removal was almost impossible, was very painful and the patient was left with undesired results. Some techniques included shaving the skin down, scrapping the skin, freezing or peeling the skin. These techniques left ugly scares.

With technological advancement the process of removing a tattoo is much easier and less painful for the patient. Tiny pulses of laser lights help remove or fade most colors of a tattoo with little risk of skin damage.

Tips for successful tattoo removal:

1.    Consult a dermatologist before you do anything. Do not try a home remedy.

2.    Not all tattoos will disappear. Don’t get your hopes up that your tattoo will completely disappear. Some colors are irreversible.

3.    The older your tattoo the better. An older tattoo has naturally faded over time and the laser light pulses will not have to penetrate as deep.

4.    Depending on the location of the tattoo, fading tattoos that are lower on the legs and arms take more time.

5.    If an amateur did your tattoo it is easier for the dermatologist to remove the tattoo as opposed to a professional tattoo artist.

6.    Dark ink tattoos are the easiest to fade. Lighter colors are harder because they respond differently to the light wavelengths. There is no single laser that can remove all colors.

7.    Sunscreen can help minimize changes in skin pigmentation. If you have a summer tan, then you should wait to have your tattoo removed so that there is less color change in the skin.

Consulting a dermatologist is recommended before doing anything drastic to your skin like having a tattoo removed or even getting a tattoo. Contact us and our physician may be able to tell you if your tattoo will cause you to have an allergic reaction to the ink used in tattoos. George Wooming, M.D. is here to help you take proper care of your skin.