How Long Does It Take to Recover From a Split Earlobe Surgery?

Earlobes can be stretched, deformed and even split from years of wearing heavy earrings, gauges, injury and more. Do you have a torn earlobe that you wish you could fix? Well don’t worry! Torn earlobes can easily be fixed by Dr. Wooming. Are you interested in learning more about split earlobe surgery and the procedure’s recovery time? Keep reading!

How Split Earlobe Surgery Works

Just like every cosmetic procedure performed by Dr. Wooming, your appointment will begin with an evaluation. Every earlobe is different, meaning the strategy to repair any tears or damage will be unique to each patient. After evaluating the damaged earlobe, Dr. Wooming will have a better understanding for how to fix your split earlobe.

The procedure will begin with cleaning the ear and injecting local anesthesia around the area where there is damage. After that, Dr. Wooming will get to work with making small, clean edged cuts and stitch them back together. On average, the entire split earlobe surgery process will take less than 45 minutes!

And that’s it! Before leaving, our team will provide you with all of the instructions necessary to properly care for your newly repaired split earlobe.

Split Earlobe Recovery Time

The best part about this procedure? It only takes an average of two weeks to recover! Patients can immediately return to normal activity after leaving the Knox Dermatology office. Plus, there won’t be any scarring, and you will barely even be able to tell your earlobe was ever damaged! Soon you will be able to even have your ears re-pierced if you wish to!

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