Skin Care Resolutions for the New Year

skin care resolutions

Glow from the Inside Out by Following These Skin Care Resolutions for the New Year

Proper skin care is so important to looking and feeling your best! With good skin care habits, you can prevent uncomfortable breakouts, pre-mature signs of aging, and take necessary precautions against serious skin conditions, such as skin cancer. For healthier and better-looking skin, here are four skin care resolutions you’ll want to make in 2018.


Liquid foundation and bronzing powder materials can accumulate on your makeup brushes over time.  To avoid applying dirt and bacteria to your skin along with your makeup and potentially causing a break out, make sure to routinely wash make up brushes each month.  If you have oily skin, you may want to wash them more frequently. Makeup lines often sell brush cleanser, but you can also wash them at home with warm water and baby shampoo.

Checking your makeup for expiration dates is also important in keeping bacteria from reaching your skin.  With mascara, especially, using it after makeup has expired is known to cause pink eye.  Most other makeup products only need to be discarded every twelve months.


People begin to panic at the first sign of a gray hair or wrinkles. They will often go to great lengths to postpone the signs of aging for as long as possible. The base plan of action is to get ahead. Don’t allow your skin to begin aging prematurely!

Applying a facial moisturizer daily will trap moisture in your skin, giving it a more youthful appearance. Regularly using a hyaluronic acid face masks can also help moisturize the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Avoid heavily drinking and smoking. Alcohol dehydrates your body and your skin, and can even permanently damage your skin in time. If you do consume alcohol, be sure to do so in moderation and drink plenty of water as well to keep your body and skin hydrated. The use of tobacco products significantly speeds the rate at which your skin ages. Smoking can your skin to look wrinkled, dull and saggy.


Skin cancer is serious risk even in winter months or days with limited sunshine. This is why it’s important to wear sunscreen year-round. If you only visit a dermatologist once a year for a regular checkup, you can still take a more proactive approach to preventing skin cancer by administering the ABCDE self-skin assessment.


Some studies suggest that what you eat can actually impact the quality of your skin. Cheryl Karcher, a New York Dermatologist states that, “the skin is a reflection of your total body health.” By reducing your sugar intake, your body will produce less hormone insulin needed to break the sugar down. This could result in less acne. Cutting back on processed foods and eating more fruits and vegetables high in antioxidants could also help your skin remain healthier.

Being conscientious of your skin care products, taking precautions to protect your skin against aging and skin cancer, and eating healthier are only a few methods to take care of your skin.  If you have questions on how to improve your personal skin care regimen, schedule an appointment with Dr. Wooming by calling 972-661-5476 or request an appointment online