Sclerotherapy Aftercare Tips You Need To Know!

Legs covered in spider veins can make it hard to feel confident in your own skin, especially when wearing shorts, skirts, or dresses. Laser therapy is one option to get rid of these pesky veins, but this is usually a long process and can be painful. Another great option to treating spider veins on legs is with sclerotherapy, and luckily, Dr. Wooming is an expert and has years of experience effectively treating his patients with this method! If you are interested in learning more about this procedure, especially what to expect from the treatment process and sclerotherapy aftercare tips you need to know beforehand, then keep reading!

The Procedure

Anyone with spider veins on their legs can qualify for sclerotherapy, meaning there isn’t a lot of downtime between your consultation and the actual procedure! During the procedure, you will first lie down with your legs elevated. This allows for Dr. Wooming to easily access and treat the spider veins on your legs. Then, Dr. Wooming will clean the area and inject “sclerosant”. This solution works to shut off the vein and re-route any blood to other, healthier veins. Over the next few weeks, the vein will naturally be absorbed into the surrounding tissue. And that’s it! It’s no wonder why so many patients prefer sclerotherapy over laser therapy treatment for spider veins.

Sclerotherapy Aftercare Tips

So, now that you know what to expect from this procedure, what are the sclerotherapy aftercare tips and possible side effects that you need to be aware of?

You will need to wear compression stockings for two weeks while the injection area heals.

You should also follow these tips after your procedure:

  • Avoid sun exposure for two weeks while your legs heal
  • Wear your compression stockings for 24 hours after the procedure, after that stockings can be worn at all times unless when sleeping
  • Avoid hot showers, baths, etc. while healing
  • Exercise is allowed, but try to avoid strenuous or high-impact activity
  • If you normally shave your legs, try to avoid this for at least a few days following the procedure

As for side effects, here are a few you may experience:

  • Skin discoloration and bruising
  • Small red bumps
  • Dark lines or spots
  • Tiny red blood vessels

But don’t let this alarm you! This is a safe, effective procedure and it’s important to remember that by following Dr. Wooming’s advice on sclerotherapy aftercare tips, these side effects are minimal and will go away as you can continue to heal!

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