Your Options for Ripped Earlobe Repair

ripped earlobe repairRipped earlobes happen for several reasons, whether they be long-time damage or quick, sudden trauma. The most common reasons for ripped earlobe repair include:

  • Wearing heavy earrings
  • Wearing ear gauges
  • Trauma like accidently pulling on an earring

These tears and rips happen because of what ears are made up of. Earlobes consist of adipose (fatty) tissue, making them not as flexible as the rest of the ear that is made up of cartilage. Because of this, earlobes are subject to ripping and tearing more than any other part of the ear.

Why wearing heavy earrings or gauges causes a rip

Over time, putting stress on your earlobes by wearing heavy earrings or gauges can cause your earlobes to stretch, rip, or tear. With heavy earrings, this new, small hole gets bigger because the weight of the earring pulls down on the earlobe. The same effect happens with gauges, where the weight and size of the gauge causes an enlarged hole, although the effect may be desired. The best way to keep the piercing holes small and your earlobe intact is to wear smaller, less heavy earrings. If you prefer wearing heavy earrings, take these measures to protect your earlobes:

  • Alternate between heavy and less heavy earrings
  • Wear circle backs that give extra support to your earlobe
  • Be careful when dressing to not snag and pull on the earrings

Options for ripped earlobe repair

A few options exist for repair depending on the severity of the rip and your desired outcome, including:

  • Making small cuts around the hole and stitching it back together
  • Making more intricate cuts on larger holes from gauges to repair the lobe
  • Using fillers to give the earlobe more cushion

Dr. Wooming is able to re-pierce the ear three months after the repair so you can go back to wearing lightweight jewelry.

Dr. George Wooming’s years of experience make him skilled in split and ripped earlobe repair. If you have a ripped earlobe, contact Knox Dermatology to schedule your appointment and get your earlobes back to their natural shape!