PRP for Female Hair Loss

You might recognize the term “PRP” from the popular “Vampire Facials” that many celebrities like Kim Kardashian are getting. But, did you know that PRP can also be used for female hair loss? This treatment is one of the newest ways for women to regrow their own hair with just a few injections.

Reasons for Hair Loss

There are a variety of reasons that women might be experiencing hair loss, and it will ultimately be up to your healthcare provider to determine the root issue. Some common reasons are female pattern baldness or alopecia, hormonal changes like pregnancy or menopause, medical conditions like thyroid issues, certain medications, and high levels of stress. Fortunately, PRP for female hair loss can help with most types of hair loss, but not all.

PRP for Female Hair Loss

PRP is short for platelet rich plasma, which is a component found in your blood. To get the PRP for your treatment, blood will be drawn from your arm. This isn’t a painful process, and is just like any other time you might need blood drawn for lab reports or medical procedures. Next, the blood that is drawn is placed in a machine that spins the blood and separates the PRP. The PRP is then injected underneath your scalp to stimulate hair regrowth. You should be able to continue your daily activities after receiving PRP for female hair loss, and should experience minimal if not  any discomfort.

Regain Hair and Confidence

PRP for female hair loss is a great option for those not wanting surgery, medications, expensive ointments, or someone else’s hair. With just a few non-invasive injections, you will begin to see results that tend to be more noticeable than other treatments. Your provider might recommend that you receive injections once a month for a few months for the best results. Although you might have to come in for a few rounds of injections, PRP therapy is still a faster, less expensive process than surgery or hair transplantation. 

If you’re ready to regain your own hair, and some confidence, give Knox Dermatology a call today to make an appointment with Dr. George Wooming. Dr. George is highly experienced in PRP therapy, and is one of the first providers to offer the treatment in the DFW area.