May Is Melanoma Awareness Month

George Wooming, M.D. offers tips to stay safe in the sun

As summer is rapidly approaching, it’s time to consider skin care and safety while having fun in the sun.  May is Melanoma awareness month, what better time to review the ABCDE’s of doing a self skin exam?

The ABCDE’s of a self skin exam

“A” is for asymmetry; do both halves look the same?  “B” is for border; is the mole irregular, scalloped, or poorly defined?  “C” stands for color; is the mole varied from one spot to another with various shades?  “D” is for diameter of the mole; is the width of the mole larger than a pencil eraser?  Lastly, “E” stands for evolving over time; is the mole growing, darkening, or otherwise changing?

Make an appointment with George Wooming, M.D. if you notice any of these characteristics in a mole or freckle, and for yearly skin cancer screenings.  In the meantime, find the shade when you can, and use a broad-spectrum sunscreen (SPF 30 at least) with reapplications after 80 minutes or water exposure.