Knox Dermatology is Your Skin Type Solutions Provider

skin type solutions

Did you know that 80% of adults have incorrectly identified their skin type? Skin Type Solutions not only correctly identifies your skin type, but compiles the perfect regimen to manage and treat your skin concerns.

Knox Dermatology provides this customizable, scientifically derived formula, developed by a world-wide network of dermatologists to revolutionize your skin care routine. By scheduling an appointment with Dr. Wooming, we will be able to create your personal skin type profile to better explain to you why your skin is acting in a particular way. Once your Skin Type Solutions profile is completed, we will be able to guide you to choose the skin care products best suited for your needs. The Skin Type Solutions system can also provide you with updates about new skin care products on the cusp of entering the market, dietary and lifestyle advice to benefit your skin type for everyday life and seasonal occurrences, as well as breaking developments on cosmetic procedures.

The unparalleled options that Skin Type Solutions can provide is only available through physician referral. Stop guessing what your skin needs, make your appointment today with Dr. Wooming by calling 972-661-5476 or request an appointment online.