Dallas Fractional Laser Treatment – What Can It Do For You?

Dallas Fractional Laser TreatmentWhether we like it or not, our skin is going to age at some point in our lives. That means that with time and sun exposure we will likely develop unflattering wrinkles. Knox Dermatology is the leader in Dallas Fractional Laser Treatment methods, but what does that mean for you and your skin?

Why choose a fractional laser treatment?
You may have never heard of fractional laser treatments, but it’s benefits could be saving you time and a future of aged skin. The treatment works by emitting laser energy in small microscopic columns into the skin. These lasers help with the production of collagen, which is located in the lower layers of the skin. Over time the skin will see an inadequate amount of collagen, eventually becoming loose.

What are the benefits these treatments?
Fractional laser treatments have several outstanding benefits. Some of which include minimizing sun damage, developing more youthful skin, and improving your skin’s texture.  It is important to keep in mind that although you will see some immediate benefits, the reproduction of collagen may take some time to fully generate in order to give you those long lasting effects.

When is the right time to get Fractional laser treatments?
Right now! It is ideal to take advantage of the chilly weather if you are considering Dallas fractional laser treatments due to the lack of sunlight. Avoiding strong UV lights or sunlight allows for a better and faster healing process for your skin.

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