Keep It Together: Advice from Your Dallas Earlobe Splitting Specialist

Are your earrings too heavy? Gauges too thick? Do you have a child who loves to tug on the shiny pieces of jewelry hanging from your earlobes? All of these are reasons you could experience earlobe splitting. Maybe you just had an accident and got your earrings caught on your shirt. Whatever the cause may be, you could be a candidate for earlobe repair. If you have damage to your earlobe, Dr. George Wooming is the Dallas earlobe splitting specialist who can help you get your earlobe looking normal again.

Types of Earlobe Splitting

There are two types of earlobe splitting that can occur. A partial split is where your earlobe is torn from the middle, where your ear piercing would be, to the bottom of your earlobe. A full split is where your earlobe is torn all the way up to the entrance of your ear, past the area where your ear piercing would be.

Prevent Earlobe Splitting

To prevent earlobe splitting, you will want to avoid wearing heavy or thick earrings that feel as if they are tugging on your earlobes. You should also proceed with caution when putting on or removing clothing to avoid catching your earrings on the fabric. Be careful when holding children who might grab onto your earrings thinking they are toys and rip them out of your earlobes. Finally, you can use an earlobe support, or a stick-on disc that will help support the earlobe when wearing heavy earrings.


If you have splits in your earlobes, you may be a candidate for an earlobe repair procedure, or an otoplasty. You may also be interested in earlobe repair if you have developed a keloid scar after ear piercing, or an abnormal and itchy scar that can be surgically removed.

Contact us to set up an appointment with your Dallas earlobe splitting specialist and find out the best option for you. Dr. George Wooming, M.D. will be happy to answer any questions you may have at our Dallas dermatology office.