Considering Botox

Considering BOTOX® Cosmetic?

BOTOX®’s rapid — almost instantaneous – acceptance by patients and the medical community alike is understandable considering previously available options. BOTOX® is generally quick and effective if administered professionally. Unlike other more involved cosmetic procedures like facelifts, BOTOX® is affordable and convenient and is appealing to patients who prefer to “test drive” the results before committing to a permanent solution, since effects last no longer than three to six months.

Despite its unique properties, BOTOX® should be given the same serious consideration as any other drug on the market. BOTOX®’s success is only as good as the doctor who performs the treatment and the patient’s response. Patients must choose their BOTOX® provider carefully, as results are dependent on the mixture concentration level and the doctor’s experience. Dermatologists are medical doctors that specialize in the skin therefore, it is important to make sure your doctor is board certified in Dermatology. BOTOX® is delivered as a freeze- dried powder and must be mixed with saline prior to injection. Without the correct concentration, BOTOX® patients might experience zero effect or droopy eyelids, numbness, and dry mouth. Beware of advertisements offering BOTOX® treatments at an enormously discounted rate. Remember, if the offer seems too good to be true, it probably is. It is crucial to find a doctor you trust.

Prior to its approval for cosmetic purposes, BOTOX® was approved for safe treatment of muscle spasms caused by cerebral palsy, uncontrollable eyelid spasms, and crossed eyes.

On April 15, 2002, Allergan earned FDA approval of BOTOX® Cosmetic for treatment of glabellar lines (the area located between the eyebrows). Since the approval, BOTOX® injections have become the most sought-after cosmetic treatment in clinics nationwide. The popularity of BOTOX® is attributed to its non-surgical nature, low occurrence of side effects, affordability, and effectiveness in reducing moderate to severe brow furrows, horizontal forehead wrinkles, and the tiny lines located at the outer corners of the eyes.

Questions regarding BOTOX®?

If you’re considering BOTOX® facial rejuvenation treatment or other injectable filler procedures, Knox Dermatology offers several options including BOTOX®Radiesse™Restylane® and Fat transfer procedures. Contact us today for a private consultation to determine the right injectable filler procedure for you based on your individual circumstances.