Earlobe Repair

Who needs earlobe repair?

If your earlobes are torn, split or stretched from trauma or years of wearing heavy earrings, you are a candidate for earlobe repair or otoplasty. The abnormal appearance of earlobes can be an embarrassment and having your earlobes repaired is a simple office procedure that will allow you to wear earrings again.

What is the procedure like?

Under local anesthesia the earlobes are first marked then the edges are surgically corrected and realigned. Very fine sutures are placed to hold the repaired skin together and steri-strips are applied for a few days. The sutures are usually removed in about 10 days. It is important to keep the area clean and dry. A topical antibiotic ointment is also recommended. Complete healing occurs in about 2 to 3 weeks. If re-piercing is desired this can be accomplished 3 months after earlobe repair.

Earlobe repair for keloid scars

Many people develop keloid scars after ear piercing. Keloid scars are thickened, discolored, itchy, abnormal scars. Keloid scars on the earlobe can be surgically removed with subsequent ear lobe repair. It is important for you to understand that keloid scars can return after removal. To help prevent the recurrence of a keloid, the repaired area may be injected with small volumes of a steroid medication upon follow up visits.

Questions regarding earlobe repair?

Thinking of having a earlobe repair or have additional questions?
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