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Tips to Combat Winter Dry Skin from Your Dallas Dermatologist George Wooming

The weather outside might be cold, dry, and uncomfortable, but in no way does that mean your skin has to be. Here are some helpful tips from Dallas dermatologist George Wooming to avoid winter dry skin and help keep your skin healthy during the colder months.

1. It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.

Consider purchasing a humidifier for your home. Increasing the moisture levels of the air can help give your skin a break from the brutal dry air outside.

2. Take shorter, colder showers.

Those twenty-minute showers with scalding hot water are damaging your skin more than you know. Turn that knob towards the colder spectrum and spend less time underneath the shower head. After your shower, lightly pat your skin rather than roughly toweling yourself dry.

3. Ditch your old shampoo.

Regular shampoos and conditioners can strip your hair and skin of essential oils, leaving them dryer than before the shower. Try products that are gentler on your skin and scalp.

4. Don’t forget to moisturize.

After your shower, while your skin is still a little damp, moisturize to replace what the dry air steals away from you. Use an over-the-counter product like Cetaphil or Eucerin, or consider a more natural alternative such as coconut oil.

5. Lather up.

Yes, it is colder outside, but the sun still projects those harmful UV rays year round. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen if you are going to spend prolonged periods of time outdoors.

6. Bundle up.

Stay warm and protect your skin when venturing out into the cold. Invest in a pair of gloves and a scarf.

7. Avoid scratchy materials.

Underneath your layers, stick to softer fabrics like cotton and avoid materials like polyester and wool that are notorious for irritating skin.

8. Stay healthy.

You should be doing this all year round, but in the winter, make sure to get your flu vaccine and continue eating healthy. Make sure to eat plenty of vegetables, increase your omega-3 intake, and stray away from overconsumption of sugars and processed foods. Don’t forget to drink water and stay hydrated!

9. Pucker up.

Of course, don’t forget to keep a tube of chapstick with you, and if your lips do get chapped and flaky, brush off the extra skin with a toothbrush.

1o. Don’t forget to relax.

Dry skin is often a symptom of stress, and with the holidays approaching, stress levels can be expected to rise. Try to find time to relax, whether that means meditating for a few minutes a day, picking up yoga, going on a jog, or spending time with your family and friends.

11. Seek a specialist!

Last, and definitely not least, if your dry skin seems like it’s never going to recover, consider seeking the help of a dermatologist. Please contact Knox Dermatology for an appointment with Dr. George Wooming today! We are here to help your skin reach its full potential.

Knox Dermatology: A New Brand for Our New Location

To our loyal patients,

By now, you have probably noticed some changes happening with Dr. Wooming’s practice. Not only did we move, but we also rebranded! You will see that our practice is now called Knox Dermatology, which has been reflected on our website and within our logo following our relocation.

With our move to the Knox District, we have decided to make some changes, but we are still the same practice and the same team! We are excited for this new transition, and you can look forward to seeing more additions to our website and in our practice offerings in the near future!

Of course, if you have any questions about our relocation or rebranding, please contact us!

We look forward to continuing to treat your dermatological needs in our new office!


Dr. Wooming and the team at Knox Dermatology

The Low-Down on Acne Treatment and Prevention: Tips From Your Dallas Dermatologist

What is Acne and Where Does it Come From?

Do you suffer from acne on your face, neck, upper arms, shoulders, or back? Acne is the most common skin condition in the United States and annually affects up to 50 million people each year. Acne is not only identified by the itchy red pimples that appear on the areas of the body mentioned above during puberty for an adolescent teenager, but also in the forms of blackheads, whiteheads, nodules, and cysts that can affect any person in any age range. Different factors may be responsible for acne that include but are not limited to: hereditary reasons, hormones, stress, and overactive oil glands that clog pores. Bacteria on the surface of the skin are usually the primary source from which various forms of acne derive. Due to its prevalence, acne is a bit of a double edged sword in that it can cause physical and psychological problems in permanent scarring or poor self-image. Because it is so commonplace, it has been heavily researched, especially by Dr. Wooming, your Dallas dermatologist, which has resulted in treatment and prevention plans for those affected by acne.

Acne Treatment and Prevention

There are several methods and guidelines for acne treatment. One of the most important rules is remembering that scrubbing harder while washing, scratching, or popping acne will only cause the affected area to become more irritated than it already is. Using products such as toners, exfoliants, and astringents should be avoided and replaced with oil-free cosmetics, lotions, and other toiletries. There are many variations of treatment depending on the severity and type of acne you have. Dr. Wooming, your Dallas dermatologist, can determine which treatments are best suited for you. Always use medications and products as instructed with patience as medications may take several weeks to complete their course. Acne affects every individual independently so it is imperative to contact your Dallas dermatologist for a proper diagnosis and prevention strategy in order to keep your skin as clean and healthy as possible.

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